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Reiki & Vibrational Healing

Maaria Kasang, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach

Maria graduated with a B.S. in theater from Illinois State University, and also an M.Ed. in Secondary English Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After she left teaching she became certified in Life Coaching from Renaissance Life Therapy and Usui Reiki.

Maria began her journey with alternative healing practices when she couldn’t find the answers she needed in traditional medicine. Being heart centered, opened her up to feeling so much anxiety that she didn’t understand. Once she discovered that she could learn to interpret those feelings and tap into the love that existed within her to heal herself, she wanted to share that revelation with everyone. Beginning with life coaching and reiki, Maria found her passion to help people manifest good health and well-being. She is still realizing her abilities with healing, recently incorporating healing from the Golden Ray. Maria is very intuitive and utilizes all and any modalities that she feels called upon to incorporate.


Maria offers

Reiki with Golden Ray: Golden Ray energy utilizes what is called the Christ Light or Unity Light. This energy can be used to heal traumas, and bring healing that allows you to find peace and love where there may have once been fear and sadness. In turn, this will allow the body to heal physically. This type of healing can bring you light that will allow you to heal far beyond the session and lift burdens that may have been keeping you from living and interacting as your best self. This type of healing allows you to become part of the healing that is beginning to occur in the world right now. As a practitioner of reiki, I was recently made aware that I was using this energy as a natural part of what I do as a healer. It has become integral in my practice as a healer so much so that I cannot, in good conscience, separate the two. In these sessions, I follow what my spirits and guides tell me you need, so that I can serve you to reach your best and highest good.

30 minutes: $70

60 minutes: $100


Psychic Mediumship: Psychic Mediumship sessions are a tool to help further healing. Whether connecting with a loved one, spirit guide, or angel, the messages received are to help you heal, validate your emotions, or to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are with you.

45 minutes: $100


Intuitive Coaching: Intuitive coaching is healing with a different focus. In this session you will be able to come with a specific focus/intention, or we can find that intention together. Through using all of the gifts that I have, I help you to find healing, and also to find your next steps on your journey. This type of coaching can help you in any aspect of your life, and will help you find the wisdom within yourself to KNOW that the answers are within you.

45 minutes: $100

All services can be done in person or virtually.





Diane Rekar, Certified Sound Vibrational Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner

Diane has been practicing Reiki for over 15 years and is certified in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Lemurian Light Healing. All her services offered incorporate tuning forks. She also runs our Kids Club classes that we offer at NHC.








Diane offers:

Chakra Balancing (with or without tuning forks): During Chakra Balancing, your energy centers are activated by placing attention and intention on the location of each chakra. This ancient practice leads to deep purification, transformation, and rejuvenation. The clearing of the energy can also balance one’s emotional state of mind. Tuning forks are tools used to apply specific vibrations to different parts of the body which can help release tension and stress, induce relaxation, relieve pain and inflammation, and promote emotional balance. Adding tuning forks in the session can help bring the energies back into balance.

45 minutes: $65

60 minutes: $80


Aura Cleansing (with or without tuning forks): Our auras interact constantly with the energy of others. It's not uncommon for us to take on some of the energy of other people. Our auras can also harbor the energies of unwanted thought forms and unprocessed emotions. Any of these energies can make our energy field less balanced and can cause blockages. When our auras are blocked, we may feel tired, run down, unbalanced, depressed, anxious, "not quite ourselves," or even ill. An aura cleansing can help one feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced, and more like ourselves.

45 minutes: $65

60 minutes: $80


Chakra Balancing or Aura Cleansing for Kids (with or without tuning forks): Children are very sensitive to their environment around them. During a Chakra Balancing, their energy centers are activated by placing attention and intention on the location of each chakra. An Aura Cleansing can help them feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced.

20 minutes: $35

30 minutes: $45


Reiki: A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. Reiki treats the whole person creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

45 minutes: $65

60 minutes: $80


Vibrational Reiki: Vibrational Reiki is a form of energy healing that combines Reiki and tuning forks to enhance a standard Reiki session. Using tuning forks during a Reiki session help promote a deeper healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

45 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $90


Lynn Pliska, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, Past Life Regression Practitioner

Lynn is a Certified Reiki Master. Her Reiki training has been focused in the art of Usui Shoden Reiki, Sophia Reiki, and Karuna Reiki. Lynn has also been trained in and offers Past Life Regression Services and her studies have led her to become an LyF (Love Yourself First) Intuitive Spiritual Coach.

Lynn is excited to share her skills and bring to you her many years of experience so that she may help you explore parts of yourself that you would like to heal, and treat.

Being a healer is a passion of hers. Lynn has learned that just as people are unique souls, the steps that bring healing is just as unique as the person in front of her. That is why she has chosen to learn so many different modalities of Reiki, and other skills so that she may bring to your session all the tools needed spiritually to help guide you in the process.

Lynn is excited to meet you and offer her services to you on your journey, wherever that path may lead you.


Lynn Offers:

Reiki Energy Healing: This includes a balancing of the chakra system to help with many things such as PTSD, anxiety, physical, mental, and spiritual ailments which helps leave you in a more relaxed state to be able to start to comprehend and balance all your life energies.

30 min: $70

1 hour: $100


Tarot Reading: This utilizes tarot cards and intuitive guidance to help answer some of the questions that have been coming up in your person’s life. It is a guide towards future, past, and present options and happenings.

General Read (1 specific question): $75

General Read (2 specific questions): $95


Spiritual and Intuitive LyF (Love Yourself First) Coaching: This session includes talking with guides and one's self intuition to better understand the issues that someone may be struggling with in order to move forward onto one’s personal path. It can be done in an individual session, or a series of sessions to communicate and move through any difficulties one may be having.

1 hour: $75


Past Life Regression: This is where you are guided into a slight hypnosis to bring forth past lives that may hold certain answers into you are, were, and possibilities of the gifts and ailments that have been counterintuitive and productive in one's present life. It can be used to help in healing the present and understand oneself and their relations within society or with particular persons in their present lives.

2 hours: $200


Jillian Zarnowski, Karuna Reiki Master

Jillian started on her healing journey through Chinese medicine and acupuncture when she was struggling with her health. After many years of searching for answers and relief from chronic pain through many different types of doctors and medicine, she wasn’t able to find answers and get out of pain until she found Natural Healing Centers. Once Jillian was able to find physical relief and healing through acupuncture and homeopathic remedies, she incorporated reiki into her healing journey. This is when Jillian learned about the chakra system and how it relates to the physical body and our relationship with self. This newfound knowledge opened up Jillian’s journey to healing emotionally and spiritually as well through reiki. After seeing just how life-changing reiki can be in healing, Jillian became certified in Karuna Reiki to share her healing abilities with others. It has become Jillian’s passion to help others heal by providing a space full of love, acceptance, and healing.

Jillian Offers:


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. The human body has seven major energy centers called chakras. When these energy centers are healthy and open, so are we physically, emotionally, and mentally in our relationships with ourselves and others. But when they are blocked, it can create physical and emotional imbalances which hold us back us from being our best selves. This session includes a balancing of the chakra system to help harmonize the upper and lower chakras to allow for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by channeling the universal energy and using it to re-align the chakras. Through this hands-on healing technique, the universal energy is transferred through the palms to the client to aid in relaxation and to treat the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit allowing for peace, security, and wellbeing.

30 minutes: $60

60 minutes: $85






Coaching & Counseling:

Betty Perez, Transformational Coach

Betty is a transformational coach who helps clients transform their lives by releasing old limiting patterns and beliefs and forming new ways of relating to themselves, others and the world around them.  Her clients include both women and men who have the desire to self-actualize and become all that they can be in the Lifetime.

Betty is also a Feminine Power facilitator and a Feminine Power Certified Global Leader, trained to impact and influence others to bring forward a world where humanity can thrive in peace, mutual understanding, and respect of each other and the planet itself.  She has a B.A. in Secondary Education and Sociology and a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics, specializing in gender language. She has spent the last 4 years studying transformational theory and practice and the principles of creating through the Divine Feminine with Dr. Claire Zammit of Evolving Wisdom.  She is currently preparing to become a mentor to other transformational coaches and facilitators.


Betty offers:

Transformational Coaching:  As a trained Feminine Power transformational coach, Betty helps men and women to clarify what it is they would like to create in their lives, identify what might be in the way of reaching their goals and desires, recognize what subconscious beliefs they are holding on to, and discover how to break through the negative patterns that have been formed in order to have the lives they have always dreamed of. This is done by unlocking 3 Centers of Power:  Power Center 1 – Stepping Forward into your Greatness by breaking down your Inner Glass Ceiling; Power Center 2 – Becoming a co-creator of your life by realizing that Life is always organizing around your success; Power Center 3 – Accessing the power to magnetize support by acknowledging that ‘We cannot become ourselves by ourselves.”  We need each other to come into our greatness. All of this work is done with gentleness and tenderness with the prime focus on the clients generating the solutions to their problems and finding the answers to their questions within themselves.

60 minutes: $75




Safiya Omosanya, OTR/L, Certified Life Coach, EFT Practitioner

Safiya Omosanya is an OTR/L, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Life Transformational Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT), Laughter Yoga Leader.

Whether you are emotionally stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, or stuck in a rut, I can provide you with a roadmap to a fruitful and more satisfying life. I use Mind Body Techniques that are proven effective in helping people, release emotional stress, anxiety, fear, and blocks to living the kind of life they want. The modalities I use are Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Law of Attraction. EFT is an amazing technique that gets results when others don't. When EFT is coupled with Law of Attraction and Life Coaching, the results are transformational. I get such satisfaction when I see your transformation.



Safiya offers:

Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques for Stress & Anxiety Relief / Chronic Pain Relief: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a scientifically proven evidence based mind body treatment tool.  EFT is often described as "modern psychology meets eastern traditional medicine" or emotional acupuncture. EFT combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points while the client is asked to discuss or think about uncomfortable emotions, past traumas, pain or any other problem. The combination of these elements appears to have an effect on the emotional and memory parts of the limbic system of the brain. This area includes the amygdala (the stress center in the brain) and the hippocampus (the memory center), both of which play a role in the decision-making process in response to stressful and especially fear or anxiety inducing situations. Research shows that EFT has an important enhancing effect on a person’s ability to return to a relaxed and calm state instead of a stressed and anxious state. If you've tried everything to get relief from Stress, Anxiety and or Chronic Pain (including trying EFT on your own) you want to try EFT with a Practitioner trained in Clinical EFT.

1 hour: $125



Our mission at Natural Healing Centers is to encourage healing on all levels, being able to reach one’s highest potential within the sacred structure containing  body, mind and spirit.

Natural Healing Centers offers holistic or alternative forms of health care which means we treat all aspects of disease or discomfort. We treat more than just the physical symptoms. We pay attention to the emotional and spiritual issues as well. Natural Healing Centers acknowledges that the body has the best means to heal and the most knowledge about any ailments or pains we are experiencing. Our goal is to support the body and encourage healing. We offer a variety of services and are happy to assist you in finding the therapy that would be best for you.


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